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We appreciate the letters and e-mails received from so many of our clients and friends. Making dreams come true is something we take great pleasure in. There are more than 100 Marlow Yachts now cruising the oceans of the world. Along with all of our Grand Banks, Ocean Alexander and Selene owners, we say thank you as we value our close relationship with every one of our owners.

Congratulations and happy cruising!

From: Pat Shank 
Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017
To: Kathy Quam
Subject: Jubilee

Hi Kathy,

Wanted to take a minute to thank you for the support and great service. Please pass that along to everyone involved…You are a professional group…no question.


From: Stephen DePasquale
Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2017
To: Joe Hackelberg
Subject: She's the one


Thank you for your help yesterday in the pouring rain!

I wanted to let you and your team know how much we appreciate all your efforts.

The is the sixth boat Lisa and I have purchased and we have had a lot of experience with multiple ship yards over the past 10 years of boating.

Your team is awesome. Multiple people have stepped up to help including Danny, Tommy, Craig, Eric and we truly appreciate it and wanted to thank your entire team!!

From: Gerry Rubin 
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 
To: David Marlow 
Subject: A sincere thanks


Both Captain Wulff and I are flattered by the words you have shared.  Our sentiment regarding the relationship mirrors yours.  As we look back my boating experience has included two Grand Banks and one Marlow Explorer.  Only the latter allowed us access to the name on the transom.  Knowing that you were at the helm gave us the reassurance that, like All State, we were in good hands.  No matter the nature of our inquires either you or Joe - or both – were always at the ready.  Your presence provided the “added” value that cannot be determined by simply reading the sales brochure.  Nothing replaces standing in front of the screen vs. sitting behind it.

Both Jim and I, without reservation, would serve as your ombudsmen should you ever need an expression of satisfaction from two mature “salts.”  Any expression of product endorsement should recognize that it was Les Aberley who first introduced me to Marlow at your display at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show.  We made our decision without ever leaving your dock.  Props to Les for giving me the confidence to make such a decision based on a single walk-around.

A decision to ask you to market the Barbara Ann was made without hesitation.  It was made, yet again, on the confidence that had evolved over our decade-long ownership experience.  The “Marlow Way” was a corporate mantra that resonated with us.  We all had a hand in the Barbara Ann’s presentation.  Your elite cadre of associates.  Captain Wulff’s sidebar conversations.  And, perhaps, even the Oracle of Marketing lobed in an idea or two. Inspired as a Team….it worked.  But, the Marlow name preceded us all.

We will, I am certain, continue to be made aware of each other’s place on the planet.  In this spirt, I am more likely to read about your exploits and accomplishments than you are about mine.  Thank you, David, for your personal and professional friendship.

From: Jan Van Oostenryck 
Date: Saturday, April 09, 2016 
To: Jarlath Warren 
Subject: Today from Marlow yachts

Dear Jarlath,

I have been today with Bill and Mike in the shipyard and I must say that I am very impressed!

During my visits in other shipyards during all this years ….this one is the nicest I have ever seen for his impressive location and quite and relaxing atmosphere!

Unfortunately in Europe it will be impossible to have this space, environment and nature like yours.


Facebook TestimonialTestimonial Image


January 2016

From: Jamie & Nancy Mitchell of "JEN EM"
To: Joe, Bill, & Kathy

Joe, Bill, & Kathy - Just wanted to share a New Year's Day moment on Lake boca with friends. 49-5 is a stunning show stopper and an amazing fusion of excellent design, build quality and seaworthiness. I'll have more later, but just wanted to thank every at Marlow for making a dream come true, and for the after sale follow up service.

Happy New Year!

Slocum Homes LLC

June 4, 2015

Dear David, Michael and world-wide Marlow staff,

Love Shack is packed to the point of bursting!  All systems are in perfect working order.  The champagne is chilled, Xena has her dog toys stashed and we are ready to untie at the crack of dawn.  Our most awaited adventure is about to begin!!  Exumas, here we come!!! 

49 Marlow

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts for making this dream come true for us.  David, thank you for being in the exact spot on the dock in Nov. 2013 at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and taking time to explain the "Baby Marlow".  Michael, thank you for all you have done to make the first 49 Marlow the biggest 49 foot boat out there.  (and the most beautiful!).  Joe, thank you for, number one, your friendship and number two, for knowing how to make our requests and designs come together easily.  Bill, thanks for all of your knowledge, your constant supply of progress photos and your sales expertise.  Michael and staff in China, we love you all for your gorgeous finishes and exact details.  People who have toured Love Shack are in awe of your woodwork.

Jarlath, Kim, Cheri and Snead Island office staff, you have all treated us as though we were your only client.  Very special, indeed.  And all the guys who sweat everyday in the Marlow yard; we know all about that because we sweat everyday on a job site, too and we are very grateful to the cleaners, the woodworkers, the mechanics, the tech guys, the yard staff.

These inadequate words are not enough to show you that the two of us are overflowing with happiness and gratitude.  It was very difficult giving up our Marlow 70 ECB.  But we are thrilled to be associated with all of you and back in a Marlow again!

Your biggest fans,
Judith and John

From: Ted
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2015
To David Marlow, Michael Cannova, Eric Gervais, Joe Hackelberg
Subject: The new True Companion
Dear David and Michael,

Kim and I wanted to tell you both how extremely happy we are with the new True Companion. David, when we ordered the new boat, I had told you that my only concern was that our boat was the perfect boat and that you may not be able to duplicate such perfection again. Well, congratulations! Not only did you achieve it, but this boat is even more beautiful than the last one.

The interior is magnificent, the outside stunning to look at and the systems with all the redundancies are unlike any other boat in her class. We are looking forward to many happy years cruising aboard our new True Companion. I also want to tell you what a great job both Eric and Joe did in building our boat. First, though, Eric should be commended for selling our old boat, six years old with 1800 hours for 85% of what we paid for it., in six weeks time. Great sales work; a great boat certainly helps, and I would like to think that the Bristol condition in which we kept the boat didn't hurt either.

Our experience with Joe was absolutely wonderful. I cannot stress to you enough how accommodating he was. I am sure we are more demanding than most when it comes to biulding a boat.

However, it has been worth it, as Marlow has built us two of the most beautiful boats we could ever imagine. A lot of credit goes to Joe. He truly made our dream come true and we are tremendously grateful for all the time and work he put into building our boat.

As you both are aware, we have proudly showed our boat to many people in our travels, some of these viewings have both directly and indirectly resulted in new boat orders for Marlow. Kim stages the boat before people are allowed to go on,  such an extent that a friend who was with Rich D., when we showed him our boat in Nantucket a few years ago, and who is now building a boat with you, called Kim "Mrs. Marlow"!

Please know that we will be proud to show the new boat to prospective buyers and will continue to act a roving ambassadors for Marlow Yachts.

Thank you again for building us such a beautiful vessel.

With tremendous gratitude,

Ted and Kim 

From: Derrick K.
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
To: Jamie Moore, Joe Hackelberg
Subject: Thanks

What a pleasure is has been doing business with both of you and all the staff at Marlow. Everybody has gone the extra mile to make Blue Beluga perfect and to make sure Sue and I are farmiliar and comfrotable with the boat. No detail was overlooked and no request no matter how small was too much trouble. All you staff were helpful and always cheerful.

I can't thank both of you enough for you help and support. We love the boat an working with Marlow has been a great experience.

Please pass on my regards to Michael and David and my thanks to all the great people at Marlow.

Derrick K.

Blue Beluga

Marlow Explorer 66E-CB

December 9, 2014


One of my favorite projects this year was a special commission to create a custom glass etching with LED lights for the master stateroom of Never Better, a beautiful brand new 2015 Marlow Explorer 66E-CB yacht. The yacht and the LED art glass made their debut at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida.

Read the full article here.

FALL 2014 

From: David Benson - Nashville Yacht Brokers, Inc.
To: David Marlow
It is important to any of us in the marine industry to give and get feedback from our clients, colleagues, and vendors so that we can improve our service. I am writing to you to compliment you for what I view as one of the most positive professional experiences I have had in 25 years of brokerage sales. I mean that.

Back in March, I called Tom Pride to set up a showing for Blue Heron, a 70 Command Bridge in your yard. The boat was very clean and cool. Tom was on the spot with good answers and knew when to speak and when to listen. He did a masterful job of taking care of us. The clients made positive comments about the boat and Tom. It started the relationship off on a very positive track. They were excited about moving forward.

As we progressed to contract and survey, there were plenty of obstacles presented by the buyer, seller, surveyors, boat and some mistakes by me. Tom was skillful in handling the bumps with a calm and thoughtful manner. He was very consistent and completely honest throughout the transaction and beyond. I give him credit for holding the deal together through some tense periods.

I was particularly impressed with how Tom always acted in his client's and company's best interests. He did what he was supposed to do. He was faithful to the owner's interests without fail. He worked long hours gathering facts and making recommendations based on fact, not guesses. It was apparent that Tom had the owner's trust and respect.

As I spent more time in the yard and sales area, I noticed how clean and well run the operations were. It was apparent that the team worked well together and we were able to get things done in a timely and professional manner. The quality of work was excellent. Danny was great to deal with. Promises were made and kept. I felt a sense of pride from the lady with the leaf blower to the top. Cheri Fane was excellent in facilitating us with what was a very complicated closing. Every service you provided and every sub contractor you brought in was the best.

After the closing, we had a major accident. During the orientation, Mrs. Garner fell in a hatch and broke her leg. Your team helped with genuine concern. Tom visited her in the hospital several times and continued to give us good local knowledge throughout our unanticipated stay.

Bill Thomas gave us one of the best orientations I have every witnessed. He came back to the boat six weeks later and started from the beginning. He really knows the boats and has a gift from transferring knowledge in a way we could absorb. He has answered the phone almost every time I have called, and has been able to give me quick answers. I had a question about the water system and he actually went to the boat and figured it out for us.

That brings me to the boat. I always knew the boats were high quality, but I did not have a full appreciation for the design. It is a real boat design by real boaters for real boaters. It is inspirationally apparent that there are many things you did not have to do, but chose to do to give the owners a safe reliable experience. The owner has repeatedly given your company praise behind your back. I am compelled to bring the praise to the front and offer my thanks for a great experience. Marlow Yachts is a shining credit to our industry.

Keep up the great work,

David Benson, Nashville Yacht Brokers

From: Steve I.
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014
To: David Marlow
Subject: Factory Tour 66-5


I wanted to write and share with you the exceptional day I had from the moment we arrived until it ended. Michael was an excellent host and truly a special and trusted man.

The factory was quite impressive, noting how every piece of selected wood is placed into the vessel and how it is milled from scratch and then fitted by hand, to the miles of electrical wiring.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of pride throughout the factory and the amount of labor hours that go into the fit and finish of every detail on our new boat. It adds a new level of respect and personal pride to see how much care goes into each build.

I know my wife and I are both very technical people and have kept Joe very busy with questions and more questions so you should know they (Joe or Michael) never once were anything but helpful, polite and responsive with answers. Joe and Patti are the best of friends too!

I feel the Marlow employees take a personal interest in every boat they build. We are very fortunate in our decision to have Marlow build our dream yacht. We are very excited to take possession and start new journeys.

Warmest regards,


Factory Tour 66-5

From: Doug W.
Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2013
To: Joe Heckinburg
Subject: SALTWIND yard visit


Thank you for the excellent service experience you delivered during my last visit with SALTWIND to the "Marlow" yard.  Everything I requested, was done to high standards, and then you went over the top.

The institution of a complete systems check to ensure customer satisfaction is reminiscent of a luxury car dealership.  You found and fixed things I was going to get around to, and delivered the boat to me on time, and "Bristol" clean, all complementary.



April 2013


I want to compliment you and Marlow Marine for the excellent job you did on SeaBird II while in the yard, it was truly outstanding.

The new aft cockpit storage compartment is both very well designed and fabricated, I am truly impressed with the quality of the work and this is going to be a great and useful modification, the virtues of which I will extol.

The cleaning of both the interior and exterior was exceptional and I noted the details, like cleaning the shore power cables, the tender (it hasn't looked this good since it was new!) and the extra detail on the Awlgrip touch up.

Many thanks for a job well done! 

Regards, Bob

August 2012

Marlow Marine Postcard

Marlow Yacht

May 2012

Dear Mr. Marlow,

Thank you very much for mounting a spray rail on our new (to us) Marlow. Very kind of you.

My wife Judy and I enjoy our time visiting Marlow Marine. The people working for you are hard working and very proud of the Marlow yachts!

We've had lots of contact with Jamie & Joe and we think they are very special.

We also have to thank you for creating the Marlow yachts. They are truely a work of art.

We enjoy seeing your ads in various magazines, especially the ones with you and your daughter on deck.

Kind Regards,

Allan & Judy

May 14, 2012

David Marlow...Congrats Old Friend...

Just saw on computer where you acquired Merrill-Stevens ! I used to sense a disdain in you for the "bluebloods" and "old money" snobs and always wanted to know just what has driven you to be such an over-achiever... but then you and I have had little time together for small talk except for your scolding me for catching and eating your snook, of course. Also saw you on uTube and you looked quite healthy although you've aged as much as myself in the past half century that I've known ya..I'm sure that there are many, other than myself, whom you've earned their respect for all your accomplishments. Again, congrats...

Bill W, still in Houston...

May 11, 2012

Greetings from Staniel Cay


Just wanted you to know that docking Indigo at the Staniel Cay YC for three days has exhausted us. Everyone who comes by, even the people from the mega-yachts, feel compelled to tell us how beautiful the boat is. It has gotten so tiring that we are headed off to some remote anchorages to get some peace and quiet!

Sorry a commitment made us miss the Key West gathering, but we will certainly try to make it next year. Hope the two PMY articles gave you some good press.

Pat & Kat

December 26, 2011

Dear David,

While improvising a 2012 insert for the handsome Marlow Marine pocket planner sent out in 2010 (yes, I am still using its covers) I have decided to stop procrastinating and finally write this note intended to be sent months ago.

I continue to be impressed by your acheivements when reading your reviews and viewing the handsome double page advertisments in ShowBaots and PMY. But the reason for this note goes deeper than this adulation.

I have always recognized and admired your expertise, knowledge and creativity in the yachting world. But over the many years of periodically working with the persons relating to my personal yachting interests you will always stand out as the one I felt most comfortable to trust and learn from. Your past kindness, affablilty and integrity, regardless of the prospects of a "sale", only enhance, in my mind, the favorable impression you make as shown on deck with Barb.

For those who define life by the journey can be broadened by the adding ...and experiencing the Marlow Difference. I may never have a Marlow Yacht but at least I have been fortunate to have known its namesake.

David, sometimes words are simply inadequate. I guess this is one of those times.

We wish the very best for you and Barb.


Fall 2011

Dear David, Michael, Bill and Service Dept.

As another trouble free and wonderful summer on our Holiday comes to an end we are still reminded that this would not be possible without our Marlow family and their hard work and dedication.

Our Marlow Holiday has only gotten better with age.

Chuck and Sandy and "Holiday" dog

Marlow Holiday

Monday, April 11, 2011

Subject: Re: Marlow Marine Spring Rendezvous

Good morning Jarlath, I wanted to take a few moments to say a big THANK YOU for your hospitality last Friday. It is a pleasure and honor to be a part of Marlow's Rendezvous's.
I can tell you from experience Marlow is second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction and attention to detail. Chris and I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our time at the rendezvous.We look forward to participating next year. Have a great day.


Ronny Stewart
Ring Power Systems
Marine Product Support

May, 2011

Dear David, Barb and the entire Marlow Staff,

Donna and I want to thank you for the tremendous support you have given us these last few weeks. Your "can do" attitude is so refressiing and impressive! What a team!! The "treats" you furnished us were much enjoyed. The flowers, champagne, and candy were delightful- but the crowning touch was the cabint containing the table and chairs- what a terrific idea! You guys are the greatest!!

Tom, Donna and the Foxy Lady

Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Subject: sale of seabird to ross g

Dear Tom,

Hello tom well i have arrived back in Australia after an enjoyable two months in your great country. Iam very pleased to take this opportunity to thank Marlow Marine and specifically yourself for your professional approach in assisting me with the purchase of "seabird". We spent many hours together discussing all aspects of the purchase and i must advise that at all times i considered your comments/advise to be honest and most important to me was the fact that you have a vast knowlege of your products and the industry that you represent.

As you are well aware once i had agreed to purchase "seabird" after sea trials, survers continued to go out of your way to assist me with advise relating to "seabird"and provided trustworthy and highly skilled people to help with my delivery to the east coast. I would also advise that Marlow Marine went out of their way to complete all service work including antifoul under a very tight schedule at a considerable cost to Marlow. I was there and i know that you had to call in staff from the east coast and some outside contractors to meet the deadline.It was also evident that the quality of completed work was of the highest standard,there were no shortcuts.I was gratefull for the way in which you co-ordinated between sales, administration,service manager/engineering and senior management to achieve the objective.

In conclusion it is great to deal with a reputable company that has the necessary client procedures in place and a skilled and courteous organisation to ensure an enjoyable purchase.

kind regards


April 19, 2010

Marlow Marine Sales, Inc.

Dear David, Michael, & Bill:

I cannot express my gratitude for the efforts of your entire team in getting SEA L SEA ready for delivery and the recent Rendezvous. It was awe inspiring to see everyone work together to make it happen.

The closing was picture perfect and a culmination of a life-long dream. Thank you!

David, thanks for all of the changes - as you said they would be - they were well worth the wait.

The finished product FAR exceeds my expectations and I know it will bring many happy times to the Cannon family.

I cannot put into words the appreciation I have for the team, especially Joe. He went beyond the call of duty time and time again and answered a barrage of questions during the build and during our trip to and from South Seas. He was always professional and extremely knowledgeable about the boat and her systems. He is a great asset to your company and one of the many reasons I know Marlow and the Cannon's will be partners well into the future.

If I can ever serve as a reference to Marlow or the process of building a Marlow, please do not hesitate to call me.

Thanks again for everything everyone did to make this dream a reality.

With warm personal regards, I am

Yours very truly,

Message from Ron H

I will pass on the information on the Prowler if I hear of anyone having interest.  We are having a great summer.  It's interesting that wherever we go, Thunder turns heads and elicits questions as to what type of boat she is.  Everyone is always impressed with the beautiful lines and quality of workmanship.  I spent a small fortune this past winter dressing up the bright work but the joy and satisfaction is well worth it.  I just returned from an 8 day motorcycle tour through New England, Nova Scotia and Upstate New York.  What a great time.  Now that I got that done, back to boating. 

I saw the article on the 70E with the solar panels.  Very impressive. 

Talk to you soon. 


True Companion on Water

August 22, 2009

Ted aboard True Companion to David Marlow

Now sitting at the dock for a few days at Northeast Harbor, to wait out the swells that Bill is going to send our way. Came from Frenchboro yesterday in fog so thick that even inside the harbor we could not make out land. Used the radar to find our way through the mooring field (not the first time I have done this trick in Northeast!) Navigating the fog is easy, working your way through pots is not so easy in 50-100 feet of visibility. We met Bob and Stacy aboard Blue Moon yesterday when we pulled in, they are two slips away.

Thanks for making the greatest boat afloat!

Ted and Kim

An email from your happiest customers! At anchor off the beach at Butter Island

July 7, 2009

Ted aboard True Companion to David Marlow

We are in Nantucket, thought you both would like to know that everyone that walks by says that we have the prettiest boat in the marina. Kim has been giving tours like mad to potential Marlow buyers, but here is the best story. A well known local businessman just went by in his Naiad inflatable and swung by to tell us what a beautiful boat we have. (Nothing we didn't already know).

Best, Ted

ME 70E Mark II

April 2009

DOLPHIN, a ME 70E Mark II, was delivered to Jurgen Wagentrotz and was taken to Antigua, her home port, after a week-long local cruise to Miami to get acquainted with her. She will cruise the lovely southern seas, island-hopping with family and friends.

This new model we call the Mark II is our  “Green Technology Boat” that debuted at our Miami 2009 Debut Party and International Boat Show in February. Marlow Yachts was awarded the NMMA Innovation Award for the technology in this yacht at the Miami International Boat Show 2009. Read more about this innovative yacht on the Marlow Explorer Web Site.

April 2009

AZURA, a ME 72E, was delivered to Thomas and Jutta Kittel  in Keil, Germany. A Marlow Marine crew of five flew to Hamburg to offload the new ME 72E from the ship that brought her from China. They cruised her to Keil, through the canal that separates Denmark from Germany to a boatyard where the normal make-ready process was carried out. The new owners will cruise her in the area where there are many beautiful islands and access to the Bering Sea.

ME 72E

April 24, 2009

Email to David from Ron Spithill Marlow Explorer 57C

Hi David,

We met at the Sydney Australia Boat Show in 2005 and the hour or so you spent talking with me convinced me that our next boat would be a Marlow.

After retiring, I eventually purchased Charmer, your first Marlow 57, from a US owner and had it shipped to Australia complete with the US skipper. I attempted to buy a new Marlow 57 through David Ratcliffe in Sydney but the long lead time was not attractive compared to a fully equipped ready to go used vessel. Also at USD1.2m, Charmer looked like a good deal.

The main reason for this mail is to let you know that we have just completed a serious blue water voyage in Charmer to Lord Howe Island, 425nm each way across the testing Tasman sea.

Charmer met and even exceeded all my expectations and what was a real delight, we did not have a single maintenance issue. Lord Howe Island is a spectacularly beautiful place half way to New Zealand. The voyage took 48-50 hours each way. If the story of this trip is interesting to others, I could write it up and provide some great photos.

Flush with this success, I plan next year to voyage from Sydney to New Caledonia via Lord Howe Island. The second leg is 700 miles (4 days) which is about the safe limit of our range.

It is always exciting to read about your new designs, who knows, if the world economy regains its balance again some time, I may be in the market again.

Most sincere thanks for conceiving and creating these state-of-the art boats.

Kind regards,

Ron Spithill

Marlow Explorer 78E

April 7, 2009

Email to David from Mary Ann Bonsey Marlow Explorer 78E

David, I just want to thank you for all the things you did, on you, for me on the new boat, I love her and she is so wonderful, thanks to you!  As I have said before you are the best and when I met you I felt like I had adopted a new family!

Thanks for being you, you are one of a kind!

 ………..Love,  Mary Ann

February 2009

HOLIDAY, a ME 65C, features a custom retractable hard top designed to enable her owners, Chuck and Sandra Mayer to get under a bridge to enter Lake Champlain.  Since taking delivery of their yacht in February 2009, they have found the retractable hard top useful during their cruise from local waters to the Carolinas.

ME 65C

ME 65C

February 2009

After taking delivery of TORTUGA, a ME 65C, Michael and Mell Frazier joined us at Ocean Reef for the 2009 Spring Rendezvous, then headed up the eastern seaboard to the Chesapeake Bay. From here they will continue north and ultimately complete the entire Great Loop.

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