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Custom Repairs

Custom Repairs and Installations

Aft-deck Table Installation • ave you always wanted a table on your aft-deck to enjoy al-fresco dining? We can create a schedule that will fit in your cockpit or on your aft-deck and still allow you room to move about. This one is inlaid with elegant ebony, and holly compass rose.

Bow and Stern Thruster Installation • We have installed over 100 bow and/or stern thruster units on all models of boats. While it is a relatively simple installation, the positioning of the unit is critical for optimum performance, and we will perform the perfect installation.

Aft-deck Table Installation

Bulwark Door Installation • We added a bulwark door for a customer who wanted easier access to his cockpit from the dock. 

Custom Cabinetry • We will make you a beautiful teak and glass cabinet for your special crystal glasses or a storage rack for your wine collection. In fact, we can build any component you wish at a very high standard in the style of your particular yacht.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Electronics • We can interface your computer with your instruments for state of the art performance, or any level of exotic installation. We do it IN HOUSE with our own full-time employees. We have designed and built hydraulic disappearing consoles that feature waterproof storage for electronics, in a virtually theft-proof hidden cabinet for the discerning customer. At the touch of a button, the instruments are raised and angled for the best possible visibility, no matter the angle of the sun or lighting conditions.

Dinghy Lifts • We have perfected the installation and mechanics of the perfect dinghy lifting system for all types of yachts. No more raise the boom, lower the boom, raise the boom, lower the boom. Clean, safe, and functional, with no unsightly rusty motors hanging on the boom to drip rust and grease. Our mechanical devices are modified for Marine use and then housed in a remote location for service, function, and beauty. When we are finished with your lift, it will be designed to work perfectly on your yacht and look as if it were originally molded in. Winch motors are housed in custom made fiberglass molds perfectly matched to the present color of your boat. The smooth outhaul mechanism makes launching your dinghy a one-person job.

Ship Steering Wheel and Controls

Extension of the Upper Deck • We have added a 2-foot extension the upper deck of a Marlow Explorer 70E to provide a completely covered aft-deck that is as strong and as perfectly finished as if it had been a completely molded deck, to begin with.

Fuel Tank Replacement • We have developed proprietary and economical methods to ensure the exact replacement of new tanks, to a higher standard, utilizing original plumbing and fuel manifolds; no work is done in the cabins or main salon thereby avoiding any mess or possible damage. We have done this work on many Grand Banks with perfect results. 

Upper Deck Extension

The work is done more quickly, costs less, with less disruption to your yacht, and will maintain the value of it by avoiding multiple, inferior tanks that diminish its value and are troublesome to manage. Our method allows us to access the hidden reaches of the engine room for maintenance, and when finished, PASSES EVERY SINGLE GOVERNING BODIES STRICTEST REQUIREMENTS FOR HULL STRENGTH!

There are still some in the marine field to whom fiberglass is a mysterious subject. The facts are that every day around the globe, yachts are being stretched, cut in the middle, and lengthened. Cockpits are being extended, and higher freeboard is being added. Virtually anything can be accomplished by skilled artisans in fiberglass to a strength standard far above the original hull. 

We have done many rebuilds of Grand Banks and other yachts, including those virtually destroyed on the deck of a freighter or dropped by cranes. In one instance, we rebuilt a better-than-new standard, a 42' Grand Banks that had been submerged with several holes as large as a Volkswagen! After all, you would not junk your Grand Banks if you hit an object and holed it would you? Of course not. A reasonably skilled in FRP yard would repair it like new to greater strength and smoother finish than new. There is no need to suffer through years of rusty bilges, damage to the interior furnishings, and jury-rigged, nonoriginal fuel systems. We have studied the composites field and have built exotic vacuum-bagged, heated, and "pre-pegged" laminates of immense strength. We have suffered zero failures in more than 30 years of work. Insuring your yacht after this work is no problem whatsoever! In fact, in the majority of cases, a survey is not required since the standard of work is so high. Following is a list of the advantages of replacing your tanks in this manner:

  • No Mess inside the yacht! In fact, no need to enter the cabin!
  • No Damage to the lovely joinery work!
  • No rusty bilges for years after due to the cutting of the tanks.
  • A completely original looking installation, using the original plumbing, capacities, and locations!
  • A superior tank material, with space-age coatings! 
  • No lightweight, inferior grade aluminum tankage, which is highly susceptible to corrosion! (Read United States Coast Guard Boating Safety Circular regarding fuel tank materials)
  • Better access to all fittings and more room in the bilge than multiple, small tanks with their complicated valving or connector tubes!

Hydraulic Hardtop • Is your hardtop too high to do the great loop or the Erie Canal? We can install a hydraulic lift so that your trip can be accomplished as was done on this Marlow Explorer.

Island Bed • We can convert your hull-side bed to an island queen-sized bed.

Refurbishing • Complete yacht refurbishing or only a particular problem area solved. Whether you would like a new interior or a rebuild of your exterior, we can help you from the design stage through to the celebration! We are distributors of fine fabrics like UltraLeather, UltraSuede, etc. and can give your yacht a grand update.  We actually have some original Grand Banks fabrics in stock for some of the fine early models.

Hydraulic Hardtop

Redecking • Replacement of teak decks may become a reality depending upon care and environment. Removal of the decks is very labor-intensive. Wood must be removed along with adhesive and screws, and damage to underlying fiberglass must be minimized. The "remains" must be hauled away as splintered wood. Before laying the new deck, the bare fiberglass surface must be properly repaired to avoid leaks and ensure proper adhesion. Recent technology offers improved longevity and appearance by allowing us to hide the screws in the low seams where they are covered with a sealant. Though more difficult to apply, the resulting deck, without "bungs" to cover the countersunk screws, the surface is less apt to require repair in the future.

Boat Deck

Consider installing a hidden staircase to the sea for easy swimming access!