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Building Process

Dare to dream....the adventure of building your Marlow Explorer

As you progress toward owning your own Marlow, the words to follow can be an outline of what comprises the boat and the systems, equipment, and options that will be important to you as you fulfill your cruising dreams. Study them with us, talk with us about your needs or any concerns you may have, share your own original ideas with us. Though much of the basic framework is at hand, together, we can and will build a yacht that is as suited to you as a well-fitted glove. Whatever may be missing as to details, in the beginning, will come clearly into focus as you work with our project manager to achieve your dreams.


A lot of details and work will go into developing what will become your new Marlow. It will begin with our standard specifications. From there, we will explore what you believe you need, examine the function and practicality and together build a worksheet using Microsoft Excel, which we will later dovetail into the manufacturing process using exotic CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Rhino and Microsoft project. There are many choices of accommodations, finishes, power, and other options. We want to build a boat for you, so this takes time and careful thought. We are experienced in working through these details to make the right choices and to make sure your expectations are met or exceeded. 

Marlow Explorer

Much can be done on the phone and by email, but we will request face to face meetings at convenient locations and times to ask the right questions, so we arrive at the best possible answers. Our project manager works closely with our own award-winning, environmentally responsible shipyard, not a leased shed or a low bid supplier. During this important phase, a detailed CAD plan of your Marlow is created to your exact needs. In the background, a huge amount of engineering and detailed drawings are being developed to ensure the manufacturing process is as smooth as possible. The design step requires a commitment on both our parts. A deposit of modest amount is placed by you insuring your price, your building slot number, and the delivery schedule. The deposit is applied as the initial progress payment.

Details of things like the electronics, entertainment systems, choices of interior materials, fabrics for curtains, mattress covers, salon upholstery, galley, and head counters, etc., will be decided during the design phase. Others of smaller detail may evolve during the period when your new Marlow is under construction. You may choose to install electronics and entertainment during commissioning, or we are perfectly capable of doing the installation during the construction. During commissioning at our yard in Florida, professional electronics personnel will do final hookups and calibrations, depending upon your selections and wishes.

Purchase Agreement

With initial specifications in hand, a Purchase Agreement is prepared. It is clear, straightforward, and spells out the details with a minimum of fine print or legalese. We wish for this to be a friendly process and do not choose to burden the process with documents requiring teams of attorneys to argue over. The agreed specifications and details, as known at that point, are attached to the purchase agreement as addendums. It establishes a series of progress payments based upon key intervals in the construction process, for example, when the large diesel engines arrive at the factory, factory completion, and similar milestones. Normally new ideas after this stage develop through interaction and visits to see other owner’s yachts. Further defining your wishes, a Change Order describes those modifications and provides a record of what is to be on the boat.


Marlow schedules all production on the normal first deposit received a first-served basis. There are no games of trading spots that could cause unreasonable delays in delivery. When we receive your deposit, your build slot is immediately earmarked and recorded. The price is fixed at that point and does not change except by agreement with a change order. It requires approximately ten months to build a yacht of the Marlow caliber after all details and plans are fully completed and confirmed. Marlow standards of quality and workmanship, which are far beyond the industry standard, adhere to the guidelines of such prestigious benchmarks as Lloyds Germanischer, ISO, Bureau VERITAS, NMMA, ABYC, CE, the United States Coast Guard and other governing bodies as may be pertinent to the region and usage of the yacht. Marlow wishes to interact with each and every owner to produce the world’s finest yachts. During the construction process, we take perhaps as many as one thousand photographs and furnish the appropriate ones to you for your photo album and record of your new Marlow as it emerges from barrels and trees into a stunning expression of art.

We are a full-fledged shipyard in every sense of the word. We have built and maintain the world’s first and only environmentally green factory to produce our yachts. Over 750 people are employed by Marlow, and each step of construction is under the watchful eye of professionals in our industry. We employ perhaps the largest oversight staff in the world per yacht produced, including brilliant engineers in every facet of yacht design and construction. Our personnel have built custom yachts up to 150 feet in length, power and sail and have virtually no limits on their ability to define, design, and construct. Our factory is perhaps the most modern in the world, employing every proven technological evolution. We do not cling to yesterday’s news or mire ourselves in the mantra of “we have always done it that way.” Our minds are open, yet inquiring, always seeking ways to improve every step of the process. The Chairman and other officers of Marlow Yachts routinely visit the yard and are actively involved in the day to day processes that allow such exquisite products.

Marlow Explorer Details

Our manufacturing operations are set on the beautiful China Sea on a pristine stretch of beach reminiscent of a Paul Gauguin painting. Our facility is kept sparkling clean by more than twenty-five workers dedicated to keeping it spotless and landscaped as a park. We have invested in the finest and most sophisticated tools and tooling to produce the finest yachts dedicated men and women are capable of.

Factory Visits

Marlow welcomes owners to visit our factory. We sincerely hope you will take advantage of our hospitality on our scheduled tours. Our complete tours of the production process will give customers a great appreciation of the thought, commitment, and expertise that is designed into and built within every Marlow. Watching your own vessel under construction must surely be one of the most thrilling aspects of the process. Our trained Engineers and Designers are there to make sure your choices are carried out regarding layout, equipment, finish, and the thousands of details that make it a Marlow.

The factory is spotlessly maintained, very large, and fully staffed.

Marlow Staff

To see over 200 workers building your Marlow, from exotic metal piping systems to furniture that is equal to any ever made on earth, is a thrilling adventure to participate in. Marlow has constructed and maintains a large, three-story VIP center for its visitors containing fourteen apartments near the factory in the small and ancient village of Chi Hu. We maintain a housekeeping staff to handle your meals, laundry, or other needs as our guest. Our celebration parties featuring authentic Hokkien Chinese food are justly famous for the quality of food, camaraderie, and an occasional hangover from such a good company. For many visitors to see the old China in Chi, Hu is a highlight of the visit.

We highly recommend that you set aside time to visit the nearby areas of China to witness the amazing transformation from the Dynasty period to private enterprise. Near Beijing lies the Great Wall, and China ranks tops in World Heritage Sites. Xiamen is the major city nearest Marlow Yachts, and it is a treat to visit, being perfectly safe for midnight strolls along with its clean, beautiful parks and lakes. Though it is a major shipping port on an incredibly busy harbor, its ambiance is delightful. Nearby lies perhaps the most beautiful city in the world, certainly the most eclectic with more fine shops than any other city on earth. 


Hong Kong! With its fabulous accommodations, the world's best transportation system, shopping, cultural center all nestled among green mountains overlooking beautiful Victoria Harbor, it would be hard to imagine a more fitting crown to a visit to our factory while your new Marlow is being built to your specifications. Please make it a point to come and visit. We can assist with all the details and are happy to suggest the best routes and agenda.

Tank Testing

After construction and before Ocean sea trials, your Marlow is transported from the huge masonry construction halls on its purpose-built construction cradle and carried by rail into the large covered test tank. Here its systems are operated under light load initially and are slowly brought into service over a period of a few weeks. Engines, generators, and other mechanical equipment are started and run for several days. Technicians of supervisory status from the mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, departments oversee and test each item. There are more than 500 pages of documents accompanying the yacht by this stage. A rigorous checking system is adhered to for all systems. This checklist includes fully simulating all owners' gear loads from dinghies to spares while checking the yacht for proper trim and operation. Near the end of this phase, the yacht is subjected to the torture chamber of our purpose-designed and built Monsoon test. Thousands of gallons of water are sprayed from multiple angles for 24 hours at pressures so great it is difficult to stand under any of the jets nozzles. We go to extremes, yes, because we want to be the best.


When our quality control staff is satisfied that your Marlow is built to spec, complete, and deserving of the name, the sparkling new baby is transported via an elaborate railway system designed and built by our own engineers and staff for its first taste of the ocean. After launching ceremonies for every boat that include fireworks and offerings to the Goddess of the Sea, the new Marlow is subjected to the rigors of the China Sea, which lies open to the Aleutian Islands and the west coast of America for more than five thousand miles of the open sea. We conduct sea trials in weather conditions that produce wave heights of up to twenty feet before scrubbing the tests. We then deliver the yacht by ocean voyage to the port, where it will be loaded onto a freighter to its port of discharge. 

Ship at Dock

At the port, we maintain a full decommissioning facility, including a small machine shop, varnish and paint facilities, and any other required services. Any defects found on this rigorous voyage at sea are corrected prior to loading on board the ship. When all systems are decommissioned for the voyage to its port of discharge, which range from Victoria, British Columbia to Sydney Australia, Genoa, Italy, Southampton England, Barcelona, Spain, and various ports across America, the proud new Marlow undergoes final preparation to protect it during ocean transit. A specialized coating is applied that will remain in place until final dealer commissioning is underway.

Commissioning at Marlow Marine Sales

Your new Marlow Yacht will be expertly commissioned by fully trained service personnel upon arrival at the dealership after carefully unpacking it from its ocean voyage and launching at the port of discharge. A typical delivery from the port of discharge to the dealership would be the 350-mile open ocean voyage each new Marlow gets on its way from the port of Miami to our beautiful, fully staffed and equipped boatyard and marina on Snead Island.

Upon arrival, your Marlow is inspected with a fine-tooth comb by some of the industry's best professionals who are our full-time staff. Using a lengthy checklist plus a detailed visual inspection by very picky supervisors, we work to assure that every component is properly installed, and every detail is correct to your specifications. Every single system and factory-installed piece of equipment is fully tested yet again, and a rigorous cosmetic program is performed to make sure she looks as good as she performs. Every square inch is detailed, including all mechanical spaces. Every single beautifully made dovetailed drawer, sliding on custom marine hardware featuring ball bearings, is removed, cleaned perfectly, lubricated and checked for operation. Four coats of premium varnish are applied over the twelve coats applied at the factory. The immaculate engine room is cleaned of every speck of construction dust, including every wire and hose made to look as if it just was unpacked. The devil truly is in the details, and we do our best at every step to ensure we cover them all. In the end, yet another rigorous inspection is independently conducted by management to ensure all systems are in proper operating condition. 

Sea Trial

At the end of the detailed process that has turned the finest raw materials available into a lovely work of art, the final checkout of all systems is conducted with the various technicians aboard. Electronics are calibrated, and any last-minute adjustments are carried out. When we are satisfied, we are then, and only then ready to hand you the keys to perhaps the highest quality locksets in all of the yachting.

Ship at Sea


Then it is time for you to come and learn the ropes of your new Marlow. We hope you will spend a few days as our guest here at our facility, where we will provide you with a detailed instruction process. When you are confident and ready to begin your first voyage, we will assist you in slipping the lines for your maiden voyage and what a thrill it is. We will be there wishing you sunny days, incredible adventures, and extending our invitation to call on us at any time.


Every new Marlow Yacht carries a 12-month warranty against any defects in workmanship or materials beginning the day of delivery. The equipment installed also carries its own warranty and procedures. We will work with you to properly handle any issues that arise during your ownership. We are further guided by the doctrine of fairness in business principles. Though the warranty is well and clearly described if a premature failure occurs due to any fault, whatever we will work to find the best and most fair resolution of the issue. 

Customer Satisfaction

Marlow Marine Sales and Marlow Yachts are there to support you from the day you make your deposit onward. We are available for a consultation whether you are in Naples, Italy, or Naples, Florida. For a prompt, efficient follow-up on a range of issues, just call on us. If you need a replacement part or have a question about proper maintenance or care for your yacht, we are here for you. It makes no difference if you are the second, third, or first owner; we are interested in you and our products.

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Marlow Marine Sales is committed to being the very best. We welcome you to join us in the great adventure of building your very own. Visit the Marlow Yachts website for more information and photos.