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 NEW SALES ♦ Explorer, Prowler, Sprite & Gypsy


Are you looking to purchase a boat or yacht to suit your lifestyle and add some excitement to your life? Look no further than Marlow Marine Sales, Inc.

We maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering a truly pleasurable experience in purchasing, outfitting, and owning your premium yacht.

Representing Marlow Explorer™, Marlow Prowler™, Marlow Sprite™, and the new Marlow Gypsy™, we are dedicated to the idea that your yacht is the ultimate symbol of your achievement and represents your well-deserved opportunity to celebrate life, good health, and good fortune with friends and family. We present pilothouse yachts, express cruisers, stable matching dinghies, and a new classic sailing dinghy.

The process of building the yacht of your dreams is both exciting and orderly. Obtain more information as to the specifics of the process here.


Dare to dream......Select an images below to see the brochure of each yacht and then contact us for more information.


                                              Marlow Explorer 49E Specs

Marlow Explorer 49E Press Release 01/2015

Marlow Explorer 53E


Marlow Explorer 58E


Marlow Explorer 62E


Marlow Explorer 66E


Marlow Explorer 70E


Marlow Explorer 75E


Marlow Explorer 80E

Marlow Explorer 80E Press Release 01/2015


Marlow Exporer 88E

Marlow Explorer 88E Press Release 01/2015


Marlow Explorer 97E


Marlow Prowler Havana


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BROKERAGE Our Philosophy & Our Program

In the yachting world, it is no longer acceptable to simply throw a "Boat for Sale" sign on your bow. At Marlow Marine Sales, we understand that the purchase and sale of a yacht is an experience that deserves the professional attention that our brokers are familiar with.

Our brokerage role is twofold. If you are looking for a fine pre-owned yacht, we offer an extensive selection of vessels at our docks. Our marina property is a tropical paradise with lush landscaping and wooden docks surrounding a private basin. We own our facility completely and built it specifically for the sale and service of yachts.

If you would like to list your yacht for sale, we will handle it with every professional courtesy. With a sincere desire for excellence, we make a first-class effort to provide your boat with maximum exposure in a professional atmosphere and tranquil environment. In summary, we look after you in every facet of your transaction. We want you to become a longtime friend and customer.

more complete explanation of our brokerage program.

We offer a fantastic selection of yachts for sale at some of the most reasonable prices around. Contact us today to find the boat of your dreams.

 Look through our current listings to find the perfect boat for your future adventures! Excellent quality, outstanding value and uncompromising integrity are the hallmarks we have built our business and our reputation on.